Liquid Nat Sample (Pick your Flavor)


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New Technology! Liquid NAT Ketones this kit allows you to customize your experience!

This is a SAMPLE to see how you like the flavors and to experience some of the benefits such as energy, focus and mental clarity.  After this kit you will get access to a large discount on a full supply of your favorite flavors! (some of these are limited edition flavors that launch seasonally and some are available now in full supply!)

  • Hibisco – Hibiscus Lemonade
  • Naranja – Orange
  • Lemonada – Lemonade
  • Pera Dulce – Pear
  • Dulce Agrio – Watermelon
  • Kiwi Limon – Kiwi Lime

Anyone can use this product within their lifestyle following any meal plan lifestyle if they are simply looking to achieve the added benefits of energy, focus, mental clarity, appetite control, muscle preservation etc. and do not have to follow any specific diet, exercise or fasting protocol to do that! Use anytime time of day if this is you!

Mix it up the same as the powdered NAT (shaking with ice and water)  it works similarly, except this gets you into INSTANT ketosis, benefits are experienced on another level and isn’t bound to a salt, which means it contains no sodium. The flavor is more tart than sweet.

This product is sweetened with Allulose + Monkfruit. It contains 40 Calories and some flavors are 0 Net carbs and some are 1 Net Carb Each. If your packet has an all black label it is caffeinated, white label is decaf.

DOM on the label refers to the DATE OF MAKE, these expire 2 years after the DOM

These taste amazing when mixed with lemon or lime mito//plex electrolytes so in this starter kit you will get my suggested pairings of each flavor (as pictured above)


Habisco, Naranja, Kiwi Limon, Lemonada, Dulce Agrio, Pera Dulce


Caffeinated, Decaf


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