Keto Kreme – (Pick your flavor)


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Keto kreme is functional fat technology that you can blend or mix with hot coffee to make a creamy latte or add to shakes to boost collagen and nutrients! You can also make a creamy desert or snack by shaking with any of the berry flavored nat ketones and ice and water OR with a keto//pro shake blended with ice and water!

Simply blend or shake with hot coffee and a splash of cream for extra creaminess!

Perfect ADD ON to other packs to customize your own experience!

Keto kreme also tastes amazing and makes a great desert when mixed with water any any flavor of NAT ketones!

– Improved Cellular Function
– Advanced DNA Repair
– Stimulates Collagen Synthesis
– Strengthens Hair and Nails
– Helps maintain healthy joint mobility
– Digestive and Gut Health


Sweet Kreme, Latte Nut, Caramel Macchiato, Pumpkin Spice


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