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The 10 Day Experience is a great way to try this system and see how it works and to find your favorite flavors to stock up on a single flavor box with a larger quantity plus discount!

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10 servings! Liquid NAT sample pack (pick your flavor)

YOUR 10 PACKET EXPERIENCE Kit Includes (but not limited to) a variety of flavors listed below:

  • Raspberry lemonade NAT
  • Heart Tart NAT
  • Strawberry Peach NAT
  • Blueberry ACAI NAT
  • Tru Passion NAT
  • Hibisicus Lemonade NAT (while supplies last)
  • Maui Punch NAT (while supplies last)

The goal of this kit is for you to experience all the benefits of this product, see what the different flavors taste like and once you get started you can stock up on your favorites with a discount on a larger quantity!

What can you expect to feel?

  • Appetite control
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Hunger control
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Mood
  • Mental Clarity

This product can help you extend your fast, maintain steady glucose levels as well as  help you lower your glucose after a spike!

If you order decaf flavors will very based on inventory but at this time I do have them all in stock!


Caffeinated, Decaf


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